• Back Treatment

    Highly recommended for those who wish to relieve back and muscle pain, impaired circulation, anxiety, migraines, rheumatism, asthma, colds and many other pains.

    • Relaxes the muscles’ exacerbating chronic pain
    • Flushes away toxins from your body
    • Improves blood circulation

    Back Relief Guasha Treatment

    30 mins

    Back Cupping

    15 mins

    Back Hotstone

    15 mins

    Published at: 15-07-2021
  • Cupping

    Ceramique Aesthetics offers a new massage experience featuring a renowned technique recognised for its numerous benefits for thousand years: Cupping Therapy.

    • Removes toxins from the body
    • Enhances circulation
    • Relieves back pain and anxiety
    Published at: 15-07-2021
  • Pre And Post - Natal Wellness

    During pregnancy and after birth, there are different discomforts and symptoms that may occur. These issues need to be treated when they emerge to relieve pain and discomfort and prevent chronic conditions. We recognise that many changes in the body during pregnancy are absolutely natural, but we ensure you that our pre-and post-natal treatments offer relief to reduce any pain and discomfort.

    • Reduction in back and pelvic pain
    • Alleviates headaches
    • Reduces stress and anxiety
    Published at: 15-07-2021
  • Book your Slimming Treatment Today


    These treatments result in quick, visible results as early as the first treatment. Relax and rejuvenate with our wide assortment of 30-90 minute premium sessions for scrubs, polishes, and body wraps among others that give you tighter, more youthful skin.

    • Makes you lose water weight
    • Removes the dead cells from the skin
    • Improves cellulite

    Hot Blanket

    30 mins

    Aromatic Sea Salt Polish

    30 mins

    Sweet Orange Peel Scrub

    30 mins

     Slimming Massage (Spot)

    30 mins

    Contouring/Firm Wrap (Spot)

    60 mins


    Contouring Wrap (Full Body)

    90 mins

    Anti-Cellulite Premium Therapy

    *Choose 2 areas: Tummy, Arms, Thighs

    60 mins

    Published at: 15-07-2021
  • Tummy

    Shape your tummy area to dislocate and melt fat deposits. Our therapies are planned to help women with conventional jamu massage techniques and natural remedies, all tried and tested.

    • Restores and balances the skin
    • Reduces Telangiectasia

    Tummy Jamu Treatment

    20 mins

    Tummy Jamu with Wrap

    30 mins

    Published at: 15-07-2021
  • Bust

    If the skin has already lost collagen and muscle, and creams and exercises do not give you the vigorous lifting and strengthening results you want, our bust treatment provides you with a powerful non-invasive solution to give a more dramatic result.

    • Boosts cell growth
    • Improves skin collagen and elasticity
    • Enhances blood circulation
    Published at: 15-07-2021
  • Fat Freeze (Cryolipo Treatment)

    Cryolipolysis, commonly known as fat freezing is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that uses controlled cooling technology that freezes away unwanted stubborn fat cells. Freezing temperature triggers fat cells death by apoptosis. This is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment without any downtime, it ensures safe and long-lasting results. Relax and enjoy the treatment in a cozy and comfy environment.

    Published at: 15-07-2021
  • Indiba Bio-stimulation Treatment

    INDIBA® is the only technology that uses the patented 448 kHz radio-frequency wave to burn fats by heating up the fat layer and shrinking fat cells, activating metabolism and preventing the new formation of fat in the treated areas.

    Liquified fats are then naturally drained out of the fat cells and leave the body through the lymphatic system. INDIBA® delves deeper than most other slimming technology, reaching deep stubborn fatty tissues melting them away naturally.

    Increasing the internal heat of cells activates collagen production and improves skin elasticity.

    Medically-backed technology. INDIBA® was clinically assessed in various medical centres, the outcome has been very positive: on average, regular treatments have resulted in an 82% in cellulite reduction, 87% in skin tightening, 90% in body shaping, and 95% in pre and post-surgery.

    INDIBA® technology is CE marked and FDA approved.

    Published at: 15-07-2021
  • Thermal Wellness Treatment (Rf & Vacuum)

    Enjoy the triple effect of cellulite reduction, improved blood circulation and firming results with this treatment. Thermal penetration into the inner dermis stimulates collagen production while tightening existing collagen and elastin fibres, while vacuum suction increases the blood circulation and speeds up the metabolism of the fat cells, allowing them to be flushed out through the Lymphatic system.

    Published at: 15-07-2021
  • LD Detox Wellness (Lymphatic Drainage Vacuum)

    Full Body LD Detox stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage with gentle suction and stroking towards the lymph nodes to expel foreign substances, pathogens and excess body fluid. Experience a relaxing stimulation to improve your immune system by de-congesting your lymphatic system.

    Published at: 15-07-2021
  • Body Sculptor Wrap (Body Sculpting Wellness)

    Enhance the health and appearance of your skin, experience a pampering nourishing fortified formula applied over your body and wrapped up firmly to sculpt your body shape to promote extraction of toxins, waste particles and excess water from your skin.

    Published at: 15-07-2021
  • Meridian Womb Rejuval

    Womb Care Therapy is a non-invasive, gentle & yet deep massage covering the upper & lower abdomen. It stimulates the acupuncture points that are located at the abdomen and lower back area to facilitate the circulation of energy and blood. It helps to alleviate stress related issues, menstrual cramps, premenstrual syndrome, weight loss, bloatedness and constipation.

    Published at: 15-07-2021
  • Phyt's Organic Bust Treatment

    The breasts contain mammary glands that produce milk, as well as a complex network of lobes, ducts, blood vessels, fatty and fibrous tissues, and lymphatic tubes. Women should cultivate love for her own breasts and with Phyt's organic bust treatment, you will experience an invigorating and relaxing breast massage that will help you to achieve this. The massage not only improved lymphatic drainage system, improved blood circulation, it helps you to achieve homeostasis.

    Published at: 15-07-2021
  • Bust Detox Treatment

    Desire for healthy gorgeous breast? Look no further, we offer Bust Detox treatment to fulfill your desire. Working on the acupuncture points and meridian energy channels, we can stimulate and decongest the energy channels to improve your blood and 'Qi' circulation, elasticity and firming of the breast. There are many lymph nodes in this part of the body and massaging this area improves and stimulates your lymphatic system.

    Published at: 15-07-2021
  • Meridian Tissue Manipulation For Body (Mtm) – Back, Buttock, Leg, Arm, Chest, Tummy, Womb

    The Meridians, Tissue Manipulation (MTM) treatment manipulates acupuncture points, meridians, soft tissues and muscles, together with Meditrina Ageless Herbal Cream it helps to address hormonal imbalance symptoms commonly found in women. Besides combating ailments disguised as pain, our MTM treatment can tackle lethargy, loss of libido, irregular menstruation, insomnia, body’s tightness, the treatment leaves you relaxed, refreshed, and energized and promotes blood and lymph circulation, and improves overall mood and body wellness in just one session.

    Published at: 15-07-2021

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