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    E-Light Youth Boost Facial

    This 90 - minute facial is the perfect treatment for pigmented and scarred skin. E-light combines two advanced technologies, optical (light) and radio frequency (RF) blood to improve circulation and metabolism, and stimulate collagen regeneration for smoother and clearer skin.

    • Eliminates wrinkles and fine lines
    • Diminishes acne scars and pigmentation
    • Lightens and brightens skin
    Published at: 07-04-2021
  • Equilibre Detoxifying Treatment

    The Equilibre Detoxifying Treatment treats seborrhea, and is designed to purify and protect the skin using a special combination of purifying and astringent active ingredients, which will leave the skin bright and rejuvenated.

    • Restores and Balances the Skin
    • Reduces Telangiectasia
    • 100% natural and organic formulation
    Published at: 06-04-2021
  • Cell Rebirth Microneedling Facial

    Reduce fine lines and eliminate scars through our Cell Rebirth Micro Needling Facial. This procedure is an effective, non-surgical treatment that boosts the skin’s collagen production for smoother and healthier looking skin.

    • Eliminates wrinkles and fine lines
    • Diminishes acne scars and pigmentation
    • Lightens and brightens skin
    Published at: 06-04-2021
  • Nano-Perfector Dull

    Our 90-minute Nano Perfector treatment uses a fermentation Bio Peeling Program run by a unique fermentation technology that is created to turn on the natural biological processes of cell generation. Nano perfector exfoliates, lightens spots and blemishes.

    • Lightens unwanted pigmentation
    • Brightens skin instantaneously
    • Refreshes tired and dull-looking skin
    Published at: 05-04-2021
  • Peptide Eye Refiner Treatment

    If you seek a youthful, refreshed and bright appearance, our 45-minute Peptide Eye Refiner Treatment targets the eye zone and eradicates the appearance of pigmentation, discolorations and wrinkles. Stimulates circulation, encourages moisture levels, improves skin's tissue while encouraging healthy cellular skin functions.

    • Restores wrinkled skin and dark circles around the eye area, and refreshes tired skin
    • Stimulates circulation and encourages moisture levels
    • Improves skin’s tissue while encouraging healthy cellular skin functions
    Published at: 05-04-2021
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    Hydra Oxygenate Injection Facial

    The Hydra Oxygenate Injection Facial uses mist to penetrate into the pores deeper and more effectively. It increases moisture and collagen production, making the skin softer, smoother, and brighter.

    • Increases cellular oxygenation
    • Improves skin’s resistance to environmental stress
    • Gives a calm and ideally hydrated appearance
    Published at: 04-04-2021
  • Hydro Facial MD

    This facial will help improve the skin’s texture and get rid of uneven skin tone, acne scars, and enlarged pores. The Hydro Facial MD is a go-to medical-grade treatment that gently buffs away the surface layer of the skin while hydrating it with patented Hydro Tips. These Hydro Tips use a closed loop vacuum system to gently remove dead skin cells while infusing the skin with moisturizing serums.

    • Reduces acne
    • Controls oily skin
    • Restores skin moisture
    Published at: 04-04-2021

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