Why You Should Invest In Our Super Hair Removal

Ready to take permanent action against unwanted hair? Now you can say goodbye to traditional laser and IPL treatments, which used to be the only choice for long-term hair reduction. SHR, or Super Hair Removal, is an innovative light-based technology that offers a safe and effective way to disable future hair growth. It is fast and painless - plus, studies show that this procedure is gentle on the skin.

Discover why investing in our specially designed version of hair removal could be your best choice.


What Exactly Is SHR, And How Does It Work?

SHR, developed by Alma Lasers, is a one-of-a-kind laser technology designed for safe and effective hair removal. It performs the procedure differently than traditional methods with its 50/50 blend of light energy to target melanin in hairs and stem cells responsible for growing them back. Unlike other treatments, which send high-intensity blasts at the skin's surface, SHR gently scans it using low fluence pulses - ensuring superior comfort levels during treatment sessions!

SHR is designed to provide a comfortable, virtually pain-free treatment experience. Its low-heat setting and In-Motion technique allow the applicator to move over the skin's surface at a consistent speed, thereby ensuring that heat accumulates slowly while simultaneously providing enhanced patient comfort.


5 Reasons To Try Super Hair Removal


Speedy treatment that is safe and virtually painless

Super Hair Removal offers a desirable combination of speed and comfort, allowing individuals to enjoy smooth skin without the discomfort traditionally associated with IPL/laser treatments. With low fluence laser pulses complemented by contact cooling technology, SHR is perfect for sensitive patients or with lower pain thresholds - achieving beautiful results quickly and safely.


Suitable for any hair or skin type

SHR offers an inclusive solution for safe, comfortable, and effective hair reduction. It can be used on all skin types. The technology is also suitable for coarse and dark hairs and fine ones; however, lighter-coloured (blonde or grey) may require more sessions.


Perfect results for almost any area

SHR is your go-to solution for a smooth, hairless complexion all over. You can transform yourself with our effective treatment in the areas that you wish. From your upper lip to the back of your legs and everything in between, including arms, underarms, chest, and bikini area - you can count on us for smooth results like never before.


Smooth results, no cuts, bumps, or side effects

With SHR, you can experience long-term freedom from waxing and shaving. No more cuts or bumps for you. Replace those short-lived effects like redness, ingrown hairs and bleeding with smooth skin that lasts longer than ever. This is close to a one-off purchase, so you also save money in the long run.


Lasting results that won't require additional maintenance

As SHR targets the follicles to prevent future growth and provide permanent reduction, look forward to enjoying a beautiful result that lasts depending on how many treatments are required - typically between 6-8 sessions over 4-8 weeks intervals.

As mentioned above, SHR effectively stops unwanted hair growth by targeting hair follicles in their active stage, ensuring longer-lasting results. However, due to different cycles of hair care regrowth for each individual, repeat treatments may be necessary for optimum effectiveness.

Additionally, when it comes to waxing, you can achieve results that will last for weeks, but in some cases, fine hairs may appear after the first session due to hormonal changes, stress, menopause and even certain medications.



If you're looking for a virtually pain-free, safe, and fast hair removal treatment that can treat almost any area, SHR is your best bet! Not only does it have longer-lasting results, but there are no side effects such as cuts or bumps.

With Ceramique Aesthetics, we want to give you the best possible experience at our aesthetic beauty center in Singapore. Our SHR treatment, alongside other services, is carefully carried out with your comfort and safety in mind.

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