Treatments To Pamper Your Loved One On Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is one of many special days where couples can do something more memorable to express their love and appreciation for one another than they already do every day. From giving gifts to having extra romantic dates, there are countless possibilities for the presents you can offer and new memories you can make together with your significant other on Valentine's Day.

When it comes to the former, one great idea that never goes out of fashion is pampering your loved one with self-care treatments! Whether you're planning for a luxuriously intimate holiday getaway or something simpler yet nonetheless special, here are our top treatment recommendations to pamper your significant other and bring out their full confidence.


Super Hair Removal (SHR)

SHR (Super Hair Removal) is a quick and efficient hair removal procedure that guarantees long-term results with less maintenance than conventional hair removal methods. The treatment uses low and gentle light energy pulses to eliminate hair particles paired with simultaneous contact cooling to make sure the skin experiences less trauma and discomfort during the process. This enables SHR to be applicable to even the more sensitive areas in the body, like the face and bikini area!

Clients can take SHR every once in a while or go for the recommended number of treatments should they wish to achieve permanent hair reduction. Overall, SHR ensures your loved one enjoys their long-term smooth, beautiful skin without the side effects so they can make the most of every moment of your Valentine's Day itinerary.

For first-time customers, you can seek to enjoy 50% off for our Super Hair Removal service until 31 March 2023.


Valentine’s Day Couple Treat

For the ultimate Valentine’s Day present for your loved one, our Valentine’s Day Couple Treat will ensure that both you and your significant other are well-pampered on this special day. The special treatment comes with 2 x 90-Minutes Korean Aesthetics Vitalising Facial, designed to deep clean the skin for a renewed and refreshed complexion. During the facial procedure, you and your partner are given the choice of 3 medical-grade treatments: hydrating cool injection, antioxidant infusion, and Photodynamic Therapy, depending on your skin type and preference.

Our Valentine’s Day Couple Treat package is priced at $55, and is only valid until 31 March 2023 (for new customers only).



Treating your loved one to a relaxing, pampering experience is one of many excellent ways to show them your love this Valentine's Day. To get started on booking the best wellness and rejuvenation treatments, look no further than Ceramique Aesthetics. As a leading all-in-one aesthetic beauty center in Singapore, we provide a wide range of non-invasive and non-surgical treatments, from facials to massages, that let you and your loved ones achieve your best look effortlessly.

Call or WhatsApp us at +65 8699 6286 to book an appointment, or try our free virtual consultations to find the best treatment for your needs. For more information about our services, feel free to reach out to us at any time.

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