Top 5 Things To Do In The East

The east side of Singapore is a vibrant part of the city that is often compared to the west of Singapore. Housing big attractions such as the world’s largest indoor waterfall in Jewel Changi Airport, the longest stretch of beach in the city, East Coast Beach, facial spas, and so much more. The sun truly never sets in the east, and here are 5 great things you can do in the eastern part of Singapore.

1. Trekking

While Singapore is a bustling city-state, there is a multitude of parks and nature reserves hidden away from the hustle and bustle. Many of us would have heard of Macritchie Treetop Walk, or Henderson Waves, but did you know that the east hides an untouched spot of nature just 20 minutes from Tampines MRT station? Unlike other nature reserves, the bigger part of Tampines Eco Green is devoid of man-made elements. A sanctuary for many flora and fauna, this park is a haven for biodiversity, allowing visitors to enjoy nature in all its glory! Plus, going for a walk outdoors is beneficial to the skin too!

Not only is going for nature walks good for relaxing your mind, Nature walks are just as relaxing for your mind as they are beneficial for your skin. As you get your heart pumping and muscles moving, you are increasing your blood circulation. Increased circulation delivers oxygen and nutrients to the skin to promote collagen production, keeping your skin bright and glowing.

2. Adventures on the East Coast

Almost every Singaporean has been to East Coast Park (ECP) at least once, whether it is having dinner at Lagoon Hawker or cycling with your friends. But there is still so much to do there! From going back in time to see the dinosaurs at Jurassic Changi Mile to wakeboarding and suntanning by the golden beaches of ECP, this 20km-long beach offers a range of activities to keep you occupied for the entire day. Going outdoors and away from the hustle and bustle of daily life helps to relieve stress, in turn reducing dullness, acne, and even wrinkles. Just remember to apply and bring sunscreen along with you.

3. Treat yourself

Apart from going outdoors and exercising, did you know that facials can also reduce levels of stress? Beauty aestheticians at facial spas in Singapore often provide face massages during facial treatments stimulating lymphatic vessels, ultimately contributing to skin detoxification!

Furthermore, too much sun may cause dull skin. So if you’re in the East, we recommend you to go for Ceramique Nano Perfector Facial at Tampines 1. Aside from its uniquely formulated treatment to brighten and refresh dull-looking skin, this facial also comes with a relaxing face massage and hydra calming mask. To enjoy an even better treat, Ceramique Aesthetics is offering the Nano Perfector Facial at a promotional price of just $28 nett!

A little self-love goes a long way, so next time be sure to plan Ceramique’s facial treatments into your itinerary when going to the east.

4. Rough it out with adventures

There is no better way to unleash your inner adventurer than leaping from suspended bridges and ziplining 300m across Bedok Reservoir. An aerial obstacle course for the thrill-seekers, young, and people who are young at heart, Forest Adventure is hidden among the trees of Bedok Reservoir.

5. Indulge in food that makes you feel good

In addition to outdoor activities, the east also boasts a wide variety of restaurants, hipster joints, hawker delights. While delicious food is always great for the soul, you should also be more conscious of what you put in your mouth. Certain foods, especially ones with a high glycemic index can increase the risk of acne, while others like antioxidant-rich foods like acai bowls help slow signs of ageing and lighten scars. A bona fide paradise for foodies, the east promises delectable eats at every corner.

To top it all off, Ceramique Aesthetics has opened an all- new wellness outlet in the East! Located just 2 minutes away from the MRT, our new outlet can be found in Tampines 1, #04-29 . Offering more than just facial spa services, we also have a Super Hair Removal Programme.

What is Super Hair Removal?

Super Hair Removal combines the technology of both Laser and IPL and is the third generation of hair removal. SHR uses lower energy levels and more pulses than the traditional IPL to deliver faster, pain-free, safer, and permanent hair removal for clients in Singapore. Ceramique Aesthetics’ SHR removal programme covers areas such as facial hair, lower extremities, chest and back, arms, and more.

Not only does SHR use lower energy pulses, but the applicator also provides concurrent contact cooling, resulting in less trauma and discomfort to the customers. While IPL has been known to cause more discomfort for darker-skinned people, SHR is suitable for all skin tones and types, including people with sensitive skin.

Unlike tweezing, plucking, sugaring, and IPL, the introduction of SHR has made it easier for people to achieve a smooth and hairless appearance. Say hello to silky smooth skin with SHR today!

Want to try out SHR but unsure of what the process is like? Ceramique Aesthetics has an ongoing SHR promotion for two sessions per area, with attractive prices ranging from as low as S$39 to $59! Book your appointment today at Tampines 1 by calling +65 8666 4984 to our customer service, and experience a painless permanent hair removal procedure.

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