5 Skincare & Body Technology And Their Effectiveness

With the current pandemic situation, heavy makeup has become less of a priority. Given the realities of mask-wearing today, it’s no surprise that we are constantly on the lookout for skincare products and facial treatments that can liberate us from feeling constrained underneath the mask.

Lucky for us, today’s beauty industry is constantly in search of fresh ways to shake things up and keeping our skin and body in tip-top condition has never been easier as technology collides with skincare. We’ve rounded up 5 skincare devices that will aid in battling your skin troubles:

1. LED Light Masks

Known as “the future of skincare”, the futuristic LED Light Masks are one of the latest skincare innovations that helps to treat wounds and tame inflammation. This high-tech LED skin therapy used to only be available under the skilled hands of your skin specialists. But today, this device is readily available for when you’re in the mood to pamper your skin to something fancy in the comfort of your own home.

2. Dermarollers

In today’s world of modern facial treatments, microneedling is all the rage. Dermarollers use extremely fine needles to create controlled incisions on the skin, which helps in stimulating collagen production while the skin heals – perfect for treating blemishes and skin rejuvenation. They are relatively safe for most skin types, and are especially great for those looking to achieve a bright and youthful complexion. However, dermatologists recommend against this procedure for those who are still combatting active acne, as it can aggravate breakouts by spreading bacteria.

When it comes to at-home dermarolling, this technique still warrants further consideration. However, it’s still worth a shot if you’re looking to kick your skincare regimen up a notch!

3. INDIBA Deep Beauty’s Facial Rejuvenation

Even though a plethora of facial treatments that were once reserved for the skin specialists’ clinic, like microneedling and LED Light Masks, can be carried out at home, it’s still best to see a dermatologist to know what works best for your skin. Similar to the LED Light Masks, INDIBA Deep Beauty’s Facial Rejuvenation also zaps out the appearance of fine lines by regenerating your collagen levels.

Improving your wrinkles and dark circles doesn’t have to involve plastic surgery, thanks to this non-invasive treatment. To find out more about our facial treatments that involve the latest INDIBA Deep Beauty technology, feel free to visit our clinics and reach out to our skin specialists.

4. Jade Rollers

For those who are not new to anti-ageing skincare, retinol-based products, wrinkle-fighting creams, and hydrating skincare products probably already hold a permanent spot in your skincare arsenal. Here’s another one to add to the list: jade rollers. A jade roller is a handheld massaging device made out of a smoothed-out stone that looks like a mini paint roller which helps in reducing puffiness, stimulating collagen and tightening of pores.

Jade rollers date back to seventh century China, and crystals have been incorporated into skincare for thousands of years. Rolling this beauty tool over the skincare products you’ve applied on your face may help to amplify the penetration of the active ingredients into your skin. The best part about this tool? It makes for a great pick-me-up at any time of the day – right before a meeting, or even when you’re neck deep in work. Simply massage your face upwards and outwards, aiming for your body’s lymphatic drainage sites, which are located at the temples.

5. INDIBA Deep Beauty’s Body Contouring

Staving off weight gain in these trying times is tough, especially when gyms are closed during this semi-lockdown. Besides intensive workouts and dieting, you can also stay in shape with the latest, non-invasive INDIBA Deep Beauty’s Body Contouring.

This treatment tackles your cellulite and fat by increasing the internal temperature which will activate your metabolism without damaging your other cells. When the radiofrequency heats up the layer of skin that produces collagen, it tightens up the skin which helps in sculpting your face and body. The results may vary depending on our body types; while some can see improvements after a single session, most may require multiple treatments.

For those who are worried about the after-care of the procedure, you’ll be glad to know that there is typically little to no downtime. Even though some might observe mild redness on the skin, it will normally subside within 1-2 hours!

Facial and Body Treatments in Singapore

Times are tough and it seems like this pandemic isn’t going away anytime soon. Take a break and give your skin and body some tender loving care by paying a visit to Ceramique Aesthetics once they ease off the new measures! This facial spa in Singapore has recently introduced INDIBA Deep Beauty’s latest technology in their facial treatments, which are used widely in beauty and wellness clinics all around the world.

With 3 outlets islandwide, Ceramique Aesthetics is a facial spa offering a vast range of facial and body treatments for various skin types. Call +65 8666 4984 to treat yourself to a pampering session today!

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