4 Reasons To Consider Super Hair Removal This Holiday Season

The holiday season is here! When we think of the holidays, we usually think of Christmas shopping, gift-giving, or even travelling to visit our loved ones. However, an aspect people tend to overlook during the holidays is self-maintenance. While you’re too busy thinking of the perfect gift for your dear friends and family, you might skimp out on taking care of yourself. This holiday season, why not spoil yourself with the gift of Super Hair Removal (SHR)?

Undesirable hair can be expulsed through SHR, a quick and efficient procedure. SHR makes it easy to achieve a smooth and hairless body with the help of technology and trained professionals. If you’re still contemplating giving this procedure a shot, here are four reasons you should consider SHR this holiday season:


1. Say goodbye to skin irritation

Since SHR uses low and gentle energy pulses to destroy hair follicles, you can bid farewell to shaving, waxing, and all their related side effects. These include cuts, ingrown hairs, nicks, bumps, bleeding, and redness. It's also not necessary to wax or shave after a few days or weeks. SHR allows you to enjoy smooth skin on any area of your body without worrying about irritation caused by waxing or shaving; this is especially important when trying to enjoy yourself at a holiday party.


2. Cost-effective 

Instead of putting up with short-lived and temporary results due to conventional hair removal methods, SHR is a more cost-effective method of hair removal in the long run. This is because conventional hair removal methods do not keep your skin free from hair for as long as SHR does, which means you will constantly need to buy shaving cream and razors or book a waxing appointment every few weeks. SHR produces longer-lasting results than traditional hair removal tools, so you'll save more money. Take this as a sign that you should book an SHR appointment to treat yourself this holiday season!


3. Long-term benefits

The most noteworthy aspect of SHR lies in its long-term benefits. As mentioned, SHR disables future hair growth by targeting the hair follicles. You can achieve permanent hair reduction if you complete the recommended number of treatments. The benefits of SHR extend beyond the holiday period, freeing you from the burden of going through conventional hair removal methods for a considerably long time.


4. More time to prepare for holidays

 Last but not least, SHR can help you save time, which is essential during the holidays.  You won't have time to wonder if your legs and underarms are properly shaved between present shopping, wrapping gifts, decorating the tree, and attending all your family and friend gatherings. Take back that time you need by getting SHR! There is also no downtime for SHR, so you can immediately go back to running holiday errands right after your treatment.



There are plenty of reasons to treat yourself with the gift of SHR this holiday season. With SHR being suitable for anyone – you could also consider SHR underarm hair removal for your partner or family member. Before booking your treatment, ensure you are aware of all you need to know about SHR to familiarise yourself with the treatment. The best super hair removal in Singapore is often done by a professional aesthetician who perfectly understands your needs!

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